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Episode 18 - Getting Inspired!

With Lauren Drobnjak of The Inspired Treehouse Blog

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In this episode of the OT School House Podcast, we are excited to host one of the therapists behind The Inspired Treehouse Bog at


Lauren Drobnjak is the Physical Therapist half of this popular blog and she joins us today to talk about how her and Claire Heffron, the Occupational Therapist half of the blog, began working together and ultimately started The Inspired Treehouse.


She also shares how they went on to start a non-profit center for children in their local community and how those kids helped them to develop the book they just released.  


Just listen to the first 30 seconds of this podcast and you will hear how much Lauren cares for these kids and the community she serves. Then, listen to the rest of the episode to hear how Lauren and Claire are helping teachers, therapists, and parents around the world with their new book titled "Playful Learning Lab for Kids "


Check out the episode below!

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The Inspired Treehouse Blog


An inspiration for many including us here at the OT School House, The Inspired Treehouse Blog is a place where we often start when in need of some fun and therapeutic treatment ideas.


Along with their free resources, we highly suggest you look into their offered webinars. Both provide great content along with resources and worksheets to help guide you to being a better therapist:



(Don't Forget to use promo code otschoolhouse20 to get 20% off your order before 12/31/18)


Playful Learning Lab for Kids

This is THE book. Lauren and Claire spent a lot of time and energy compiling these 52 activities for you to use with your kids and students. Then they put together a blog post about how you can get all the needed materials to complete all 52 activities for under $50! So, be sure to check out the book on Amazon

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The Treehouse Ohio


The Treehouse Ohio in Bedford, Ohio is a not-for-profit center for developmental play founded by Lauren and Claire. If you would like to learn more about the Treehouse or make a donation, visit

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