The OT School House Podcast:

Episode 27: How To See Start Seeing Clients On The Side


Featuring Scott Harmon, OTR/L


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Have you ever thought about seeing clients on the weekends or maybe during summer? Do you have a dream to be your own boss? If so, this episode is for you. In episode 27, Jayson interviews Scott Harmon, OTR/L, on how to start a therapy practice from the ground up. We talk about why many therapists turn to starting their own practice, as well as some of the practical steps you can start with if you want to do the same thing. 


Scott owns two of his own private OT, Speech, and PT clinics for many years now and he now shares his wisdom via the Start A Therapy Practice Podcast, the website, and The Academy of Private Practice. 


Listen in to learn more about how Scott started his practice and how he recommends you start as a school-based OT.

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