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Episode 5: How OTs and Teachers Collaborate with BCBAs: An Interview with Steven Troyer, Med, BCBA, LBA

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In this episode, host Abby Parana has a discussion with Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA), Steven Troyer. Steven and Abby have previously worked together and collaborated to help many of the same students meet their IEP goals. Listen in to hear Abby and Steven discuss all things behavior from both OT and BCBA perspectives. 

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Connect with Steven - This is a link to Steven's linked-in profile page in case you would like to contact him. 

Rising Star Autism Center - RSAC is where Steven current works as a program director. It is a center-based early intervention program designed specifically to address the needs of young children with Autism. The center is located in Bellevue, Washington

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Steven Troyer, BCBA

Steven Troyer, MEd, BCBA, LBA