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OTS 22: Here Comes Telehealth Featuring Tracey Davis, OTR/L (PDUs Available)

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Welcome to the show notes for Episode 22 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast.

In this episode, Jayson interviews occupational therapist Tracey Davis, a pioneer in the world of telehealth occupational therapy services. With technology advancing every day and becoming cheaper to access in all forms, it is no longer a matter of if virtual OT services will become prominent. Rather, virtual OT services are already here and are only going to become more prevalent in school-based settings, as well as in other traditional medical roles. In this training, you will understand the necessary tools required and guidelines to follow in order to provide telehealth OT services in a school-based setting.

You can earn 1.25 units of professional development by listening to this podcast and purchasing the episode 22 podcast PD opportunity here

.Objectives for this Professional Development Podcast.

Listeners will:

1. Understand the guidelines placed on service providers looking to provide telehealth OT services.

2. Know what tools, software, and hardware are needed to provide virtual services.

3. Understand the difficulties and limitations associated with provided virtual OT Services.

Links to Show References:

Have a question for Tracey? You can contact her at

American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) - AOTA has a plethora of telehealth-related documents on its page. Use this link to access them. Some are only available to AOTA members.

American Telemedicine Association - The ATA has several resources and puts on an annual conference for telemedicine provides similar to AOTA's conference.

Teletherapy for OTs and SLPs Facebook Group - Join over 700 other service providers that are interested in the same thing you are, TELEHEALTH!

FERPA - Briefly referenced in the show as the "HIPPA for schools," FERPA is indeed a privacy act that schools must abide by. All school-based personnel/OTs should be familiar with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA

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