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Thanks for clicking over to get your free Evaluation Checklist! Be sure to watch this short video on how to get started with using the evaluation checklist to simplify your evaluation procedures. After that, you can scroll on down to get the checklist!

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For more helpful forms, templates, and a complete guide to school-based OT, check out the A-Z School-Based OT Course 

Thank you for clicking that link to get your free helpful Evaluation Checklist. As you can see in the video above, I have designed this checklist to help guide you through the evaluation process, starting with the day you receive permission to assess and continuing through to the day you present your report. 

You will see that this one-page document will help keep you on track and guide you through your evaluation process. If you follow the steps on this page from top-to-bottom, I can almost guarantee that you will complete a comprehensive evaluation using a top-to-bottom approach. In the A-Z School-based OT course, I will walk you through each and every part of the evaluation and even provide you with my editable evaluation template. 

This evaluation checklist is just one of the more than 25 time-saving forms participants of the A-Z School-Based OT Course will receive as part of this comprehensive course!


Other handouts and templates registrants receive include:

  • A guide to RTI

  • fully customizable RTI tier-1 slide show that can be used to teach teachers and administrators the importance of fostering the "just right challenge." 

  • An OT referral packet

  • Parent and teacher questionnaires (traditional and digital formats)

  • The legally defensible evaluation template I use for my evaluations

  • Guides for goal writing and services determination

  • An intervention plan template to help guide you in your treatment planning

  • And many more! 

In addition to the course and templates, you will also receive access to our weekly LIVE Q+A sessions that take place in the Private Student Support Center. Since the course is recorded, this is your chance to ask me anything about the content covered in the course or about school-based OT in general

Use the button below to learn more about the A-Z School-Based OT course. 


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