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The OT Schoolhouse
Goal Bank

Discover school-based OT goals & supporting treatment strategies to save time and address student needs specific to school-based OT.


I don't know about you, but I did not become a school-based OTP to spend countless hours writing goals, drafting progress reports, and planning for therapy sessions.

Like you, I became a school-based for the fun part - supporting the students. 

Art Class

Unfortunately, the paperwork part of the job is necessary before, during, and after the fun therapy stuff.


But what if we could decrease the time we spend on paperwork so that we could increase the time we have to support the students?

That is exactly where the OT Schoolhouse Goal Bank aims to help you.

With the OT Schoolhouse Goal Bank, you'll have access to our one-of-a-kind bank of OT and Collaborative IEP Goals. 

Stop spending hours trying to create a goal and start using a goal bank that is maintained for you. 

For each and every goal, we'll provide you with a:

  • Template for writing your student baseline

  • Tips for monitoring the progress of the goal

  • Accommodations that may support your student in meeting the goal

  • In-class strategies to help the student progress toward the goal, and

  • Individual Therapy ideas to help the student progress toward the goal

Here's what it looks like on your computer and phone:

OTS Goal Bank Gif.gif
Goal Bank Phone.png

Want in?

Find your next therapy goal & intervention for just $5 a month!

Want access for your entire team?

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Our Take On School-Based OT Goals

School-based OT goals are unique. First and foremost, they must pertain to the school setting. 

The goals in our Bank (and those that we will continue to add over time) are specific to school settings such as the classroom, cafeteria, playground, quad, and the "OT Room." 

We believe that goals must be SMART and measurable in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). In fact, we often state where the goal is to be met within the goal itself. That way, there is no confusion. 

We also believe that goals must be collaborative, autonomous, and observable. That's why you will not find "hand-over-hand" goals in our goal bank. We strive to include goals that can be implemented by the entire team (collaborative) and those that are more specific to OT. 

In the bank, you'll find goals centered around:

  • Executive functioning

  • Handwriting

  • Sensory regulation

  • Functional life skills

  • Visual perception and motor skills

  • Organization

  • Assistive Technology 

  • and more

Our Take On Therapy

Like goals, school-based OT services are unique as well. 

We believe that the right combination of both collaborative and individual therapy sessions leads to the best outcomes for students. 

That is why, for each goal, you'll also find a handful of "in-class" and "Pull-out" intervention ideas to support you in helping your students achieve their goals. 

We'll also share a few of our favorite accommodations for each goal. That way, when a teacher asks you, "What can I do in the classroom?" you'll have a few options ready to consider based on the student's goal. 

Save time with the OT Schoolhouse

Goal Bank


Get immediate access to the goal bank for the special price of just $5 a month

Want access for your entire team?

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The OT Schoolhouse
Goal Bank


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The OT Schoolhouse
Goal Bank

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