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Have you ever attended an expensive professional development course only to find that it is not what you expected? It wasn't bad, it just wasn't what you were hoping for. It probably did not help that you missed a full day of work and had to make up those 10 missed sessions sometime the following week.


Well now, you don't have to pay a dime until you have already attended the "Podclass". In fact, you pay only IF you need the professional development units associated with the course. Don't need the PDU's? Then feel free to listen for free. The professional development opportunity will still be here if and when you need those extra NBCOT units. Not to mention, you can earn these professional development units whenever and wherever you'd like! 


To earn professional development for your NBCOT renewal via the OT School House Podcast, simply listen to the episode, order the professional development opportunity you wish to complete, and take a short quiz demonstrating you understood the content from the episode. 


The quizzes are 10 questions long and when you pass, we will send you your certificate of completion. Simple as that! No expensive fees! No traveling! And no nights away from your family (and students) in a hotel. 


"I absolutely love this podcast and that I am able to earn PD/CEUs by doing what I already do all the time..... listen to podcasts!!"


Laura Wills, OTR/L

"This is a wonderful resource and I have learned so much! I cover an entire school district alone so having a podcast and hearing from other OTs has been very educational and helpful! Thank you so much Jayson"


Mary Bennett, Verified Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the OT School House Podcast an AOTA approved provider of continuing education?


No, not yet. However, it is not required to be an AOTA approved provider in order to issue professional development units.


Will NBCOT accept these units to meet my recertification needs?


Yes! You can read for yourself the NBCOT guidelines for what constitutes a qualified professional development course using the link below.


Click here to see what counts toward NBCOT renewal (See # 14, The OT School House constitutes as a "Third-party entity")


Will my state licensure board accept this as professional development?


This depends on your state. While NBCOT guidelines are clear that they will accept this form of professional development, every state has its own set of guidelines. 


We are not an AOTA approved provider of continuing education... yet. But we are working on it.  


Click here to see what counts toward NBCOT renewal (See # 14)

Click here to see what your state's OT board requires


The Podcast is free to listen to, why aren't the certificates of completion?

Our vision is to one day be able to provide free continuing education certificates to all listeners because we know from your emails that you feel that this is, in fact, professional development. 

Unfortunately, it does cost money and time to produce this podcast and the necessary materials in order to offer continuing education credit. We will continue to produce the OT School House Podcast for as long as we can because we love OT and we love to share knowledge. 


Professional development is only useful if it is accessible. That's why it is our mission to get credible research and information to as many therapists as possible. 


The guests on this show do earn a small percentage of each sale and the rest goes back into making this resource possible for you. We thank you in advance for supporting us by purchasing our professional development course and using our embedded links to other sites that help us earn small commissions. 


Are podcasts as effective as attending a course?


Short Answer: Yes


Recent statistics have shown that nearly than 50% of the US population is now listening to podcasts. And we know from our podcast stats that over 1000 OTs, COTAs, Teachers, and other professionals are looking to enhance their abilities to help students by listening to each episode of the OTSH podcast.


From our surveys, a majority of our customers say that our professional development podcast courses are as effective as live courses. Everyone learns slightly different, but when you enjoy the experience you are likely to get the most benefit!


Can I earn Professional Development for every Episode?


Not every episode will have an opportunity for professional development to be earned. And that is because not every episode meets our standards for what we think qualifies as professional development. Episodes with special guests sharing research and episodes where we put the effort into research materials for you to use with your students and peers are the ones that are likely to make the cut. 


But don't worry, we'll let you know which ones will be available to earn units for at the beginning of each episode from here on out. 


So when you're driving home, listening at the gym, or listening by the pool, know now that what you are listening to can save you time because you have the ability to earn your necessary professional development while engaging in your everyday occupations. 


Will the OT School House Podcast continue to be free?


Yes, you will still be able to access each and every episode for free where ever you listen now. Only pay when you want to demonstrate that you have listened to the podcast in order to earn professional development units. The last thing we would want to do is take away education for all.  


If you are still not sure if earning professional development through a podcast is right for you?


Don't worry, we understand and we've got your back with a discount to Medbrige.

 At Medbridge, you can watch the first segment of any course for free to decide if you want to continue on. Click here or use promo code OTSchoolHouse to get started at a discounted rate of $200 versus the regular price of $375. Also, by using our link or promo code you are also supporting the OT School House at no additional cost to you! So, Thank you!

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