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Back To School Conference

Expanding Collaborative Practices
in School-Based OT 

August 26 -27, 2022

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the conference!

August 26-27, 2022

Live action-oriented sessions from the comfort of your living room

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I am pleased to invite you to the second annual OT Schoolhouse: Back To School Conference - The preferred conference for more than 350 school-based OT practitioners in 2021.


At the conference in 2022, we will be focusing on enhancing our ability as OT practitioners to expand collaborative practices with other school professionals to better support the students we serve. And we will do this by hearing from six nationally recognized speakers with years of experience supporting students. 

The Back To School Conference will be a nationwide (perhaps worldwide) gathering of school-based and pediatric occupational therapists who value the importance of supporting children in their least restrictive environment through a collaborative effort.  

The conference will consist of 100-minute presentations and live Q+A sessions that will occur live on August 26 - 27. Replays of all sessions and Q+As will be available to registered participants until October 26, 2022, so you can rewind and watch any sessions you miss or simply want to rewatch. 

What you will receive when you register:

  • Access to the six virtually live sessions totaling 12 hours of valuable education.

  • A certificate of completion (12 hours) upon watching all sessions and passing a proficiency quiz.

  • Access to replays of all six sessions for 60 days.

  • Access to all resources provided by the speakers.

  • Access to an online networking experience.

  • Access to a private community where you can interact with Jayson and others learning right alongside you.

  • A Swag Pack of goodies. *Must register before July 1st, 2022 to receive a Swag Pack

  • Entries to win prizes from our sponsors.

  • And surprise extras to make this a memorable event!  

Don't wait, register now before the price increases on June 11th! 

Why Attend the Back to School Conference?

In 2021, the Back To School Conference supported over 350 therapists. It was a great experience and many therapists even said it was the best conference they had ever attended (live or virtual). Here are six reasons why you can expect the Back to School Conference to be the best place to learn as a school-based OT. 

Earn 12 hours of Professional Development

Earn 12 hours of professional development focused on a topic you care about in a single weekend!


Professional Development is currently pending AOTA approval. 

Not another Zoom Meeting

The last thing you need is another boring zoom meeting disguised as an opportunity to learn. 

While virtual, these sessions will be interactive and designed to facilitate conversation. The networking session & community will surely be buzzing!

Learn how OTPs can collaborate in schools

The theme for the Back to School Conference this year is "Expanding Collaborative Practices in School-Based OT." 


You can expect every session to challenge you to be a more collaborative practitioner! 

Get your SWAG on

The swag pack is back!

Last year, we sent out 200 boxes of swag filled with OT goodies to help you get through the school year. 

Register by July 1st to secure your swag pack!

Learn from home, or together as a team

Only you know how you learn best! Watch from the comfort of your own home or make a party out of it and watch with a colleague. 

Therapy teams can register together and save. Email us to learn how!

Expert, world-class speakers

You deserve the best, from the best!

That is why we are recruiting speakers who have walked the walk and have facilitated collaboration within their practice.  Live Q+A sessions will also be held to facilitate your retention of knowledge!

Conference Objectives

Through 6 individual 2-hour sessions, we will cover the following overarching objectives. Objectives for each individual session can be found in the session descriptions ​ 

  1. Attendees will differentiate between the pros and cons of using a collaborative approach in school systems.

  2. Attendees will identify occupation-based strategies to support students with visual deficits.

  3. Attendees will ​identify collaborative approaches to sensory-based intervention in a multidisciplinary team in the school setting.

  4. Participants will identify an OT’s role for the transitioning student.

  5. Participants will delineate OT strategies relevant to Social Emotional Learning that are appropriate for each of the three tiers of intervention.

  6. Participants will recognize how using the CO-OP principles supports collaboration in the school system.

Need professional development that is AOTA approved?

We are excited to announce that the Back to School Conference is AOTA approved for 12 hours of professional development! 

Upon completion of the conference, you will receive a certificate of completion to have for your registration and licensure needs. 

2022 b2sc AOTA ROUND.png

Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule
B2SC 2022 Schedule - Flyer.png

Do you live outside of the pacific timezone?

Use this tool to confirm what time the conference will be live in your area and add the event to your calendar if you are ready to. 

*Presentations and times subject to change without notice



Jayson Davies, M.A., OTR/L

Jayson_Davies Headshot.jpeg

Jayson Davies, OTR/L has been a school-based occupational therapist since 2012. With experience as both a contracted therapist and a district employee for three distinctly different districts, Jayson has had the opportunity to appreciate the differences between both small-rural and large-suburban districts. In 2014, Jayson earned his Certification in Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT) to better serve his students. Recently, Jayson has put forth his efforts in implementing full classroom and small group collaborative RTI lessons with general and special education teachers. Jayson enjoys helping build knowledge among school-based OTs and educators through the OT Schoolhouse Podcast, website, and online courses.

Kim Wiggins, OTR/L

Kim Wiggins, OTR/L is an experienced occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics who has worked extensively in public school settings, outpatient, and home-based services to children of all ages with a variety of diagnoses and special needs. Kim is currently a full-time therapist at the Binghamton City School District and the owner of OTKimWiggins LLC, which primarily focuses on providing educational opportunities for parents and professionals.


She is an experienced National program developer who has produced and presented training workshops and seminars on a variety of topics related to handwriting, vision, primitive reflexes, sensory techniques, and technology to therapists, teachers, administrators, and parents, She has presented to audiences nationwide since 2010. She is also the co-author of Just Right! A Sensory Modulation Curriculum for K-5

Kim Wiggins.webp

Karin Warner, MOT, OTR/L

Karin Hessellund Warner, MOT OTR/l worked as an occupational therapist for 24 years. In her well-rounded career, Ms. Warner worked at Rady Children’s Hospital, in public and charter schools, and in pediatric home health. Also, she owned a private clinic, Warner Pediatric Therapy, for 9 years. To add to her experience, as a clinician, Ms. Warner obtained her Sensory Integration Praxis Test Certification over 10 years ago. Her education includes a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Oregon and a master’s in occupational therapy from Samuel Merritt University. 

Early on in her career, Ms. Warner became interested in ocular motility and was trained by various optometrists on ocular motor exercises and ocular motor behaviors. In the San Diego Unified School District, she was part of a panel of occupational therapists and optometrists, to create a plan for improving eye health in the schools. This led to an invitation to publish an article in Behavioral Aspects of Visual Care, titled “Understanding Occupational Therapy’s Role in Sensory Integration: Identifying and Describing How Sensory Processing Disorders Affect Vision and Behavior”, and to speak at California's Regional Vision Therapists Forum. 

As a speaker and presenter, Ms. Warner has traveled to over 15 states to instruct seminars on handwriting, visual skills, laterality, and hand development. In 2007, she was invited to speak at the Occupational Therapy Association of California's Spring Symposium, where she first presented the “Solving the Handwriting Puzzle” program. In 2021, she was invited to speak at the Occupational Therapy Association of California's Annual Conference on “Functional Vestibulo-Ocular Skills in The School Setting”. 

Genna Espinoza, OTD, OTR/L

Dr. Genna M. Espinoza, OTD, OTR/L is a highly trained occupational therapist who earned her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in 2012. In 2020, she earned her Doctor of Occupation Therapy degree with an emphasis on Executive Leadership from the University of St. Augustine. She has close to 10 years of experience working with children and adolescents.


Dr. Espinoza has specialized training in Sensory Integration, The Alert Program, Zones of Regulation, Handwriting Without Tears, ImPact-Concussion Rehabilitation, and Interoception Curriculum. Aside from these pieces of training, Dr. Espinoza is a lifelong learner who stays up-to-date with current treatment approaches, research, and techniques that will benefit present and future clients. 


She has experience working in sensory integration clinic settings, school-based settings, in a psychiatric health facility for adolescents, in an acute rehabilitation hospital, and in teletherapy. 

Genna Espinoza.png

Justin Lundstedt, OTR/L

Justin Lundstedt, OTR/L is a school-based OT at Putnam Northern Westchester Board of Cooperative Educational Services and is a Co-Owner of Achieve Life OT & PT PLLC. At Achieve Life OT & PT PLLC, Justin and his partner provide therapeutic services for adolescents and adults with Autism. 

Justin has over a decade of experience providing OT services in schools and is excited to share his experiences and knowledge. His dedication to supporting young adults in transitioning from their role as students to community members has led to him supporting young adults in the classroom and the community. I am confident that Justin's combined experience and knowledge will lead to a valuable session for all who attend the Back to School Conference.

Justin L.jpeg

Lara Barros, OTD, OTR/L

Lara Barros, OTD, OTR/L is a school-based OT working in the Chicago suburbs. After working as an OT for over 25 years, she discovered the CO-OP Approach while completing her OTD at NYU and has never looked back. Lara had the privilege of writing a guideline for school-based OTs using the CO-OP approach with the mentorship of Dr. Polatjko with the hopes that other school-based therapists will see the value in using CO-OP in their practice.

Lara completed here OTD with a focus on applying the principles of the CO-OP approach to school-based OT. As a result of her OTD, she authored the "(CO-OP) Principles for Participation: A Guide for Implementation: Using the Principles of CO-OP to Frame a Top-Down Approach with School-Aged Children."


Lara thoroughly enjoys working with the students she serves and sharing the benefits of you the CO-OP Approach in schools.   

Great Value!

This conference is designed for you as a school-based OT and every session has been researched, vetted, and hand-selected by Jayson to be relevant for the school-based OT looking to help students in the least restrictive environment. Each presenter has many years of experience and has demonstrated the ethical decision-making you expect from the OT Schoolhouse!


On top of a curated schedule of sessions, you will have the opportunity to earn 12 hours of professional development in just one weekend! Oh, and did I mention the swag bag?!? Check that out below!

School Supplies


Swag Bag

Along with access to each session, learners who register by July 1st will receive a Back to School "Swag Pack"


So be sure to register early to get all of the conference freebies!* 

*Shipping address must be in the USA. We are working on logistics for shipping beyond the USA

Session Information

Transitioning to a Collaborative Approach in the Schools


Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L

We've all had kids that do great when one-on-one with us in the OT room, but those strategies that we worked on so intently in our OT sessions just don't translate over to the classroom. This causes frustration among us, the teacher, and maybe even the student. In this session, we will review research about collaboration in OT and education so we know where we can make adjustments in our goal and treatment planning. We will also look at specific ways to collaborate so you can have an immediate impact on your students in the 2022-23 school year.  


  1. Identify key research outcomes related to collaborative practices in educational settings.

  2. Express the steps to building a collaborative relationship with professionals

  3. Identify at least 3 ways in which OT practitioners can collaborate with other professionals in school-based OT

  4. Create an action plan to collaborate more in your school-based OT practice. 

Functional Vestibulo-Ocular Skills in The School Setting
Sponsored by LegiLiner


Karin Hessellund Warner, MOT OTR/L

Do you feel comfortable with evaluating and reporting on functional oculomotor skills? This class will provide the necessary knowledge of how the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) impacts functional ocular motor skills in the school setting. Understanding and being able to evaluate the VOR helps to ease report writing and treatment planning when addressing visual deficits. The use of videos, pictures and case studies will help create a well-rounded understanding of the VOR and ocular motility. Clinicians will improve the way they gather and assess for visual information.


  1. Examine the Vestibular-Ocular Reflex and the impact on eye and head control.

  2. Interpret the role of the Cerebellum in Eye Control. 

  3. Analyze the impact of Visual Deficits in the School Setting. 

  4. Implement Functional Treatment ideas to address Vestibulo-ocular deficits.

Maximizing occupational therapists' role within a multidisciplinary team when delivering sensory interventions in the school setting.


Genna Espinoza, OTD, OTR/L

Occupational Therapists have a distinct role within the multidisciplinary team in the school setting in helping children with sensory processing concerns. You will learn about how sensory processing challenges may influence learning and participation within the school setting. This program will present evidence-based information in providing client-centered support when a child is presenting with sensory processing concerns. We will examine how gathering information through a collaborative approach throughout the occupational therapy school process improves student outcomes. 


  1. Identify the Sensory Systems and the challenges poor processing can cause.

  2. Identify how sensory processing challenges may influence the child’s school day. 

  3. Acknowledge the differences in treatment approaches based on various theories.

  4. Express strategies to help gather information for a comprehensive evaluation

  5. Identify tactics to enhance your collaboration skills in a multidisciplinary team in the school setting.

Occupational Therapy and the Transition Age Student


Justin Lundstedt, OTR/L

It is imperative to understand the importance of occupational therapy and how it coincides with a young adult's transition out of high school. This program will recognize the importance of how the identification of strengths, interests, and goals are so important for high school students yet often when working with students with increased academic needs they get overlooked and the focus becomes on deficits, limitations, and ability to be directed by others. This session will cover how to provide an intervention to students who are working towards the transition out of school. As an OT, it is our job to prepare them for developing the skills necessary to succeed and achieve their self-identified goals.


In this manner, we can further their lives and break the barriers related to unemployment, underemployment, and lack of independent living statistics. The program will discuss the importance of our continued role in transition planning as “transition plans” are constructed to look at the whole child, identify strengths and needs, and adjust/set goals accordingly. This is our overall role as OTs, to begin with. In this session we will discuss the transition fro “life skills’ students, “prevocational” students, and “academic / post-secondary school students.”


  1. Participants will identify an OT’s role for the transitioning student

  2. Participants will define the meaning of a transition-age student.

  3. Participants will recognize the different pathways OTP’s can focus on student expectations for the transitioning student.

OT’s Role in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)


Kim Wiggins, OTR/L

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is essential to human development and helps create a positive learning environment for all students. Many school districts are establishing systemic, schoolwide approaches to SEL. Therefore, it is important for school-based occupational therapy practitioners to understand their role in implementing SEL within therapy sessions or as members of the school team. SEL is required for successful participation in most areas of occupational performance and falls well within the scope of occupational therapy. This webinar will provide you with specific strategies to address SEL within your current role immediately.


  1. Participants will identify 5 areas of SEL and the role of the OT

  2. Participants will delineate OT strategies relevant to SEL that are appropriate at each of the three tiers of intervention.

  3. Participants will identify how social emotional learning may be impacted by sensory over- and under-responders responsiveness

(CO-OP) Principles for Collaboration


Lara Barros, OTD, OTR/L

Collaboration is key in the enabling of participation and occupation in the school setting. The principles of the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance™ (CO-OP) will be used to frame collaborative school-based OT. We will uncover the Goal, Plan, Do, & Check systems that allow us as therapists to support our students and helping them reach their unique goals. 


  1. Participants will identify the global cognitive strategy used by the CO-OP Approach.

  2. Participants will identify the principles underlying the CO-OP Approach.

  3. Participants will recognize how using the CO-OP principles supports collaboration in the school system.

Register now to ensure access to each of the 6 amazing sessions!

Audience & Education Level

The OT Schoolhouse Back To School Conference is intended for current school-based occupational therapy practitioners. Sessions will contain beginner and intermediate level knowledge and may contain language and practices specific to school-based occupational therapy. There are no prerequisite courses required, but one should have a general understanding of OT in the schools.

Elementary Classroom
Conference Theme

2022 Conference Theme

Expanding Collaborative Practices
in School-Based OT 

We have all attended a team meeting for a student where no one seems to be on the same page. The teacher is focused on the need to work on math skills, the speech therapist is focused on social communication, and the parent wants to see their child learn to read. In that scenario, offering a handwriting goal may cause more harm than good. 

That is why at the Back To School Conference, we are focusing on implementing occupational therapy from a collaborative approach. Sessions will focus on how you can work with the parents, teachers, and other providers to improve student outcomes. From goals to therapy, we need to get on the same page!

Distance Learning

Session Handouts & Replays

For each conference session, handouts will be made available to download and print prior to the start of the conference. After registering and 1-week prior to the conference, you will be able to download and print the slide and supplemental materials in the conference Portal. 

The attendee portal will also host replays of each conference session for 60 days. As a registered attendee of the summit, you will have access to the conference handouts, session video replays, and course commubnity until October 26, 2022.

B2SC 2022 Art - Landsacape.png
Payment Plan

Flexible Payment Plan

We understand that times are tough right now. While some OTs are secure in their positions, we realize this is not the case for everyone. For this reason, we are offering a 2-month payment plan leading up to the conference. The payment plan consists of three monthly $180 payments. While this is slightly more expensive, it gives you the ability to pay over time so you can attend the conference while being fiscally responsible. 

You can register for the course now with the 2-month payment plan using the button below. The last day to sign up for the course using the 2-month payment plan will be July 27th. 


Community Engagement

Couple at an Event

Just because we will be engaging in this summit, does not mean we have to eliminate community engagement. 

In addition to lively, interactive sessions, there will be designated times for live Q+A sessions with the presenters. Likewise, we will have an online community dedicated to discussions related to the content from our guest speakers. 

And perhaps the most exciting engagement opportunity will be our Friday night virtual happy hour. Come hang out with Jayson and other school-based OT practitioners.  Yeah, the conversation may start off backward and about where you work, but who knows, maybe you will meet your newest OT bestie! 

Join me and other School-Based OTPs looking to advance their clinical skills

This conference is designed for you as a school-based OT. Every speaker and presentation has been researched, vetted, and hand-selected by Jayson to be relevant for the school-based OT looking to help students in the least restrictive environment. Each presenter has years of experience and has demonstrated the ethical decision-making you expect from the OT Schoolhouse!

Jayson understands the intricacies of school-based OT and he knows the therapists who can help make your life easier while serving the students and teachers you love to work with.


Register now to secure your spot!


Important Dates

Important Dates


Register Via a Purchase Order

Be sure to get your purchase orders in before May as many school districts will stop fulfilling orders for the school year

Aug 26

Conference Begins

Collect your pack of swag and settle in for the opening presentation!

Aug 26

Last Day to Register

Final call for registration

Don't miss out!

Oct 26

Replays Available Until October 26

Get access to the replays until October 26th.

That is a full 60 days to watch (or rewatch) all six sessions.

Thank you to our 2022 Sponsors

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Additional Sponsors

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Conference Attendee Disclaimer/Agreement

By registering for, or attending any event or activity associated with the OT Schoolhouse: Back To School Conference, I agree to the following:

Professional Development/Information Disclaimer

The Back to School Conference is a virtual event for professional development, networking, and OT Schoolhouse business purposes. The material presented is not intended to represent the only or the best methods appropriate for the occupational therapy and/or medical condition or professional development issues being discussed, but rather is intended to present the opinions of the presenters, which may be helpful to other health care professionals at arriving at their own conclusions and consequent application. In order to earn a certificate of completion, attendees will be required to watch all 6 sessions and pass a proficiency quiz with a score of 75% or greater.

Financial and Non-financial Disclaimers

  • Speakers at the 2022 Back to School Conference are paid for their professional presentation

  • Speakers may discuss other programs with which they are affiliated and earn a commission and/or other compensation

  • Speakers may be an affiliate and may earn a commission when you register for the Back to School Conference 

Public Relations Agreement

Registration and attendance at, or participation in, Back To School Conference meetings and other activities constitutes an agreement by the registrant for Schoolhouse Education, LLC’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the registrant or attendee’s image, voice, and survey responses in photographs, videotapes, electronic/print reproductions, and audiotapes of such events and activities.


Waiver of Liability Agreement

I release the Back to School Conference, Schoolhouse Education, LLC, OT School House, and its staff, presenters, and any other individuals or entities associated with the Back To School Conference from any and all liability connected with my participation, as well as from any liability related to changes to the schedule, events or activities. I acknowledge and agree that I am participating on my own choice and assume all risk in connection thereof and that in the event that a need for emergency medical service arises, I authorize and consent to such services being provided at my own expense. Attendees participating in this professional development education program do so with full knowledge that they waive any claim they may have against the Back to School Conference, Schoolhouse Education, LLC, and OT Schoolhouse and its staff or representatives for reliance on any information presented during these educational activities.


Refund Policy

A refund, less $20/Practitioners; $20/Students administrative fee, will be issued if notice of cancellation is received by the Schoolhouse Education, LLC. Refunds will not be processed until after the conference. Request a refund.

Cancelation Policy

In the event that Schoolhouse Education, LLC cancels the event for any reason, participants will be offered the choice of a full refund or, when applicable, a credit toward the rescheduled event. 

Interested in Sponsoring the Back To School Conference? Email us!

Registration for the B2S Conference closes in





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