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Join our private community of school-based OT practitioners  

Inside OTS Collab, school-based OT practitioners like you come together to support one another in our effort to serve students through evidence-based practices & professional development. 


Cait B.

Certified OT Assistant

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Jason G.

School-Based OT


Danielle D.,

School-Based & Early Intervention OT


School-based OT is hard.
You don't have to do it alone.

Loneliness. Doubt. Knowledge & research gaps. No mentorship for support. Confusion about evaluations, therapy, consultations, and collaboration. Fear of writing the wrong goals and poor student progress.

School-based OT practitioners struggle with these feelings every day. Most OT practitioners are the only therapist for multiple schools, if not an entire district. Not having a support system in place can lead to burnout, stagnation, and a lack of ambition to try new things. 

Being a school-based OT is difficult, but enjoying the job and thriving as a school-based OT practitioner is possible - especially when you have some support from like-minded OTPs.

Introducing the OTS Collaborative

OTS Collab is our private community for growth-minded school-based OT practitioners motivated by supporting the students and educational staff they serve. Through community and evidence-based professional development, members of the OTS Collab support one another in our quest to use occupational as a means and an ends to promote access to education for all students. 

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All school-based OT journeys are unique, but we can all benefit from things like

  • Interactive mentorship

  • Journal clubs

  • ​Professional development from experts and everyday school-based OTs

  • Networking

  • Shared resources

  • Ongoing encouragement

Finding value from these experiences is possible when you are a part of a supportive environment that fosters community-based professional growth. 

OTPs Supporting OTPs

The need for safe places where school-based OTPs can experience acceptance, mentorship, privacy, and compassion has never been more important. That ethos is at the core of OTS Collab.


From that heartbeat flows our community tenets and benefits:

  • A safe place to ask questions, seek research and therapy interventions, commit to growth challenges, and generally learn and grow without fear of judgment or rejection.

  • Relationship-building opportunities with like-minded school-based OT practitioners that can yield solutions to problems, lead to job opportunities, and establish friendships.

  • First access and discounts to new content and other offerings from the OT Schoolhouse.

  • A community that welcomes members from diverse backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, neurodiversity, and physical ableness.

  • A focused environment to accelerate professional growth and networking due to the absence of fluff content, noisy discussion channels, advertisers, and recruiters.

  • A privacy-first attitude toward all current and future aspects of OTS Collab.

We are excited to establish such a nurturing professional learning community void of hate, hype, distractions, Debbie-downers, and non-starters. The OTS Collab is a place for occupational therapy practitioners who are serious about using the strengths-based and best practices to support all students in accessing their educational curriculum. 

We promote and encourage knowledge translation, collaboration, thorough evaluations, Tiered interventions, and the creation of evidence through documentation to support students.

Inside OTS Collab

Inside the OTS Collab, three key components will support you as a therapist and help you to become the best school-based OT practitioner you can be. But we know that a community needs to be enjoyable as well. 

The three core pillars on which OTS Collab is built upon:

1. Community

​First and foremost, OTS Collab is a community of like-minded school-based OT practitioners. We come together to not only support one another but also encourage ourselves to be better. 

We do this through:

  • Topic spaces dedicated to discussions on evaluations, therapy models, presenting data, and documenting progress 

  • Discovery spaces for member networking, posting and finding jobs, collaboration, and more.

  • Professional challenges that encourage, support, and reward member professional growth

  • Small and large group discussions designed to share knowledge and promote innovative therapy programming

  • Private 1:1 messaging between community members

2. Professional Development

As a member of OTS Collab, you will have monthly opportunities to engage in professional development opportunities specific to school-based OT. 

Professional development will come in two unique forms:

  • Earn professional development for listening to current and future OT Schoolhouse Podcast episodes 

  • Learn from specialists & other members of OTS Collab through live and recorded webinars listed within our private community.

Receive certificates and earn the hours needed for your national registration and state licensure renewals. We will offer 12+ hours of professional development every calendar year. 

Topics for professional development will be selected by OTS Collab admin & members to ensure the topics are relevant and useful to all community members.

3. Mentorship

Many school-based occupational therapy jobs promise mentorship with experienced therapists, but few can actually deliver on this for various reasons. ​

OTS Collab promotes and provides mentorship through monthly live group sessions where you can bring your current concerns and receive live feedback from OTS experts and other community members.

We also host a journal article club to keep us all up to date on research and share with one another how we can incorporate the research into practice. 

Whether you are trying to find the right program to use with a student or looking for how to word a tough section in your evaluation, the OTS Collab members will be there to support you.

Community Fun

As mental health providers, we know that all work and no play does not make for a great day. 

That is why we like to have some fun within OTS Collab.

The school year is long. So to break up the grind and let out some steam, we like to have an occasional OTS Collab celebration to acknowledge all the hard work we put in as OT practitioners.

Motivated OTPs Wanted!

Inside OTS Collab, we know that we are not perfect. We understand that just like the students we serve, we each have a unique set of abilities and challenges. 

That's why we come together to support, educate, and encourage one another. 

If you have been looking for a private community of like-minded school-based OT practitioners to support and be supported by, then we'd love to welcome you into OTS Collab.

OTS Collab is intentionally curated for the school-based OT practitioner. Professional development, mentorship, and community events revolve around becoming better practitioners for ourselves, the students, and the educators we serve.


If you feel you haven't received the school-based OT mentorship you needed, the OTS Collab is for you.

If you believe professional development should be curated for school OTPs, the OTS Collab is for you. 

And if you want to be a part of a supportive and encouraging community, the OTS is for you. 

Feel like it's a match?

Outstanding! Here's what you need to do to join. 

  1. Complete our application—Click here or the button below to access our application. It's short. We review applications in the order in which they were received.

  2. Be patient—Invites will be issued on a quarterly basis. Please be patient with us as we process them.

  3. Accept your invite—If we choose your application, then you'll receive an invite to join OTS Collab via email. It will contain a special link to sign up for the community.

What Members are saying?

I'm going to be honest with you.

Members have not yet had a chance to say anything about this community. The OTS Collab is brand new in 2022 and you could be among the first of its members. 

So why join an unproven community?

Two reasons:

  1. Be among the first to join this community focused on school-based OT professional development and mentorship. Get unparalleled access to Jayson at a great discount and have a say in how the community develops.

  2. Over the last 5 years, the OT Schoolhouse has become the leading resource for school-based OT practitioners through transparency, honesty, fair pricing, and going beyond what is expected by our OT peers. The OTS Collab will be no exception. We hold ourselves to the highest expectations when it comes to serving school-based OT practitioners. 

While the OTS Collab is new, we have meticulously planned out how to make this experience a value for everyone. As an early member of the OTS Collab, You will be identified as a founding member within the group and will be locked in at the founder's rate as long as you maintain active membership. 

Important FAQs

That's a lot of information. Still, you may have questions. Here are some important ones to know about as you consider joining.

Is there a cost to join OTS Collaborative?

Yes. The OTS Collab will be a paid membership. We will announce the membership price as soon as it becomes available. Members can cancel their subscriptions at any time.

Am I obligated to join if I add my name to the waitlist and receive an invite?

Nope! Your invite will be valid for a period of time once you receive it. If you don't wish to join, just ignore it. Still, please only join the waitlist if you're very serious about it. 

Why is there a waitlist?

When you join the OTS Collab, we'd like to welcome you properly. That's why we welcome new members to the OTS collab quarterly. Rest assured that when it is time to join, we will let you know, and we will have a comfy spot waiting for you.

I joined the waitlist but did not receive an invite. What does that mean?

We send an immediate email confirmation to let you know we've received your application.  We will email you again when the next enrollment period begins.  If you do not hear from us during the next enrollment period, please first check your spam folder or, if you use Gmail, check the other inbox “tabs,” then feel free to follow up with us.

What system is used for OTS Collab?

We did a ton of research on various membership platforms before making our choice. Ultimately, we chose Circle. Think of Circle as a cross between Facebook Groups and LinkedIn, but without the need to have a profile out in the open. 

How is OTS Collab different from OT Schoolhouse courses such as the A-Z School-Based OT Course?

OTS Collab is a private community with interactive discussions, exclusive content, professional development events, and direct access to Jayson and other members of the OTS team. In contrast, our courses like A-Z School-Based OT Course exist on Teachable (a different platform) and are available for purchase at any time. OTS Collab membership is not required to purchase one of our courses.

Can I earn professional development from the podcast without being an OTS Collab member?

Yes, you can. But we feel that the community aspect within OTS Collab helps therapists to incorporate the knowledge they learn practical use and student outcomes. 

What is the refund policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your membership for any reason, let us know within the first 30 days of membership and we will refund your payment

Still have questions? Contact us here.

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