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OTS Collaborative
Community Guidelines

Hey there!


We are excited to support you and learn how you will support others in the OT Schoolhouse Collaborative Community.

OTS Collab is a place to connect with others, ask questions about school-based OT, and have conversations about everything school-based OT.

The community is only great because our members make it great. Please help us to keep OTS Collab a place where all OT practitioners feel safe, welcomed, and heard by reading and complying with our Code of Conduct. 

Code of Conduct

OTS Collab is an inclusive conference community intended to help members connect with one another and grow their capacity as school-based OT practitioners.

The dos:


Be kind to each other.  Use welcoming and inclusive language, be respectful to others’ viewpoints and culture, even when they differ from your own

Behave professionally. This is a safe space for OTPs to network, brainstorm, learn, and collaborate.

Be inclusive.  This is a community of humans from all over the globe


🧠 Be Mindful

Be aware.
Respect each other’s digital boundaries. We all experience the internet differently, so it’s important to remember that personal space exists online as well.

Be thoughtful.
Become a pro at active listening and know when it’s time to let others speak.

Be purposeful. 
Maintain interactions with other members that are driven by good intent.


Be involved.  The value of this community lies in your commitment to participating;  get involved, ask for and offer feedback, and utilize the resources available.

Be open to feedback. 
Accept feedback gracefully, and offer helpful and kind constructive criticism.

Share your perspective! 


The do nots:


  • No solicitation  This is not a place to solicit other programs. Mentioning programs relevant to the discussions is allowed.
  • Non-disclosure and intellectual property agreement  Do not quote anyone outside of the OTS Community without permission and do not share anything told to you in confidence or private messages.
  • No Spamming or infringing on other people’s ideas or content, including that of the OT Schoolhouse, without expressed permission.


How we moderate:


Members asked to stop any inappropriate or unacceptable behavior are expected to comply with OTS team requests immediately.  


Behavior that violates our Community Guidelines will be met with appropriate action, which may include:


  • Gentle reminders of the Community Guidelines

  • Firm warnings and removal of inappropriate content 

  • Removal from the community without refund or eligibility to reapply in the future

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and sexual advances.


We maintain the right to determine the consequences of any issue at our discretion and are under no obligation to share our findings or determinations beyond the individual involved.


How to report issues:

Reach out to your Community Manager directly with serious concerns
You can directly message us in the community or email

We look forward to supporting you! 

No person is perfect, no community is perfect, and no guidelines are perfect. As we grow, learn, and change together, these community guidelines must also evolve so that we can continue to make OTS Collab a safe and inclusive space that is mindful and considerate of all experiences.


Being a member of OTS Collab means you are committed to embracing learning, even when it’s hard. Be available to educate and learn from each other with kindness. Be open to feedback and avoid becoming defensive when things may seem challenging. Mistakes can be a powerful teaching moment when used with compassion and empathy. As a community, we’re thankful for our members embracing this process with us.

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OTS Collaborative

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