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Episode 39: School-Based Occupational Therapy Journal Club - SBOT in the USA


Jayson Davies, OTR/L

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In this episode, Jayson reviews a 2015 article about what School-based OT looks like in the united states. It is the first in a series of journal articles Jayson will be reviewing. If you would like to review an article with Jayson, let him know with an email!

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  • Highlights from this article:

    • Trending toward inclusion

    • Expansion of Roles for occupational therapists in schools​

    • Response to Instruction and Intervention 

    • Collaborative and comprehensive evaluations

    • Collaborative goals based on the Common Core State Standards

    • Future Trends

      • Assistive Technology​

      • Transition & Post-Secondary Outcomes

      • Expansion of occupational therapist roles from being solely a function of special education to a general education role as well. 



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