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Interactive OT Practice Map


OTs from all over the USA, and the world for that matter, rely on this site for guidance in their school based-practice. For that reason, we put together this interactive map that can help you find your state's OT practice guidelines for school-based therapy. ​

Unfortunately, not every state has guidelines for school-based OT practice... yet. If your state is one of those which don't yet have guidelines, we encourage you to look at some of the other states documents to see what they have to offer. 


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Gray-Space Paper Package


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I created this paper to help my students learn to space, size, and place their letters on the line


 You can download your unlimited use document now by subscribing below!


Want to know more before subscribing? Visit HERE to learn more about how, why and for whom I developed this paper.

If you are new to school-based OT, trying out a free trial at Double Time Docs is an absolute must!


Co-founder of DTD, Jason Gonzalez, is a school-based therapist himself and understands the late nights spent working on reports for IEPs.


So he decided to create a tool to help all school-based OTs get evaluations done quicker without diminishing the quality of the assessment.​

The OT School House Podcast

Earn Continuing Education Credit as you listen during your commute or anywhere else you listen to podcasts

Do you enjoy free podcasts? How about a podcast that is dedicated to the intricacies of school-based OT? Every other week I produce a new episode of The OT School House Podcast where a special guest and I talk about a specific topic. You can even earn professional development for listening in. May I suggest starting with Episode 26 on sensory?

K'nex were one of Jayson's favorite toys growing up, and now they are one of his go-to treatment materials. With K'nex, you can help your students with fine motor, visual motor and motor planning difficulties all while they think they are just building a spaceship or pony!


Check out what else you can do with K'nex HERE!

K'nex Model Building Set

Click above to view on Amazon ($38.66)

Along with attending OT conferences to find out what is new in the school-based OT world, Jayson and Abby frequently visit Medbridge to see what new videos are available. The best part about Medbridge is that you can watch the first segment of any course for free! That way you can decide if it's worth it. Click here or use promo code OTSchoolHouse to get started at a discounted rate of $200 versus the regular price of $375.

Unsure of what course to take? Jayson recommends the "Dysgraphia: Helping Children Overcome Handwriting Difficulties" course by Jenny L. Clark. Remember to use Promo Code OTSchoolHouse for your discount!


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