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On this page, you will find resources that I use on a regular basis as treatments, resources, and IEP related guides to better myself as a clinician.


These resources will be updated to help you find the best therapy tools we, and others, offer. We may even post a few places to buy a product if we feel that it might be beneficial to you. 


Gray-Space Ex.

Free Gray-Space Paper Package

Just subscribe here to get the paper!

I created this paper to help my students learn to space, size, and place their letters on the line


 You can download your unlimited use document now by subscribing below!


Want to know more before subscribing? Visit here to learn more about how, why, and for whom I developed this paper.


The OT School House Podcast

Do you enjoy free podcasts? How about a podcast that is dedicated to the intricacies of school-based OT? Every other week I produce a new episode of The OT School House Podcast where a special guest and I talk about a specific topic. You can even earn professional development for listening in. 

Earn Continuing Education Credit as you listen during your commute or anywhere else you listen to podcasts

Interactive OT Practice Map


OTs from all over the USA, and the world for that matter, rely on this site for guidance in their school based-practice. For that reason, we put together this interactive map that can help you find your state's OT practice guidelines for school-based therapy. ​


Unfortunately, not every state has guidelines for school-based OT practice... yet. If your state is one of those which don't yet have guidelines, we encourage you to look at some of the other states documents to see what they have to offer. 

Click here for this resource 


Professional Development Course


Are you new to School-Based OT or thinking about becoming a School-Based OT? If so, I have the perfect course for you! 


The A-Z School-Based OT course is designed to teach you how to support students through effective RTI strategies, thorough and efficient evaluations, efficient SMART-E goals, treatment planning for success, and providing services in the least restrictive environment.

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