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Using Holistic Circus in Occupational Therapy Feat. Jill Maglio: OTSH Podcast Episode 61

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Welcome to the show notes for the Episode 61 of the OT School House Podcast.

In episode 61 of the OT School House Podcast, I have a fantastic conversation with Jill Maglio, OTR/L, on how she incorporates her passion for circus in her everyday therapy practice. We will talk not only about how she uses circus in here day to day therapy with kids, but also how she has made a living helping people around the world with circus.

Learn more about Jill and how she uses circus by listening to episode 61 of the OT School House Podcast!

In addition to listening to the OT School House Podcast episode, you can also watch Jill provide a lesson on Juggling to Jayson to see what a treatment session using circus may actually look like. Check it out here!

You can also contact Jill at to gain more circus skills training and ideas for your occupational therapy sessions or to join one of CircusAid’s social development projects working with marginalized communities

OT + Circus — CircusAid

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