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Collaboration Geared Toward Classroom Participation (Article Review)


So as you all know, here at the OT School House Abby and I are all about Response To Intervention (RTI) and working in partnership with our teachers. So with my partial day off due to presenting at my high school alma mater for career day, I spent part of the day digging for some research about collaboration.

I searched the American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT) and initially found an article from 1996... I have nothing against 20-year-old articles, but I was just looking for something a bit more contemporary today. So I dug a little further, and I came across a brand new article (2018) titled, "Effectiveness of the Co-PID for Students With Moderate Intellectual Disability". The article was put together by a group of researchers out of Israel and was aimed at looking at the effectiveness of a "Collaborative Consultation" model versus a traditi