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How to: Video Tutorial of How to Use

Hey there,

Ever since the interview I conducted with Jason Gonzales from (watch it here), I've received some questions about how the Double Time Docs report generator works. One person went so far as to say she felt like it was cheating. But that was only because she did not understand how the website helps you to organize your thoughts. She later expressed that she would try out the free 7-day trial.

As occupational therapists, we of course all feel a sense of responsibility when it comes to our reports. And after all, it is our practice license on the line and we want to do the best for our students. So that's why I wanted to write this blog and record the video below that shows exactly I used the software to write an OT report for Ariel from The Little Mermaid. No really, I did. You can even read the full report generated by DTD here

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First off, here are the 3 specific reasons I recommend using DTD.

1. Double Time Docs help you to remember every area that should be addressed in a school-based OT (or PT now) evaluation so you don't leave anything out.

Sure, you could choose to leave out whether or not the chair is at an appropriate height for the student, but you won't forget to with this software because it asks you under the "Motor skills" section.

2. The time it takes to build and revise a template.

I have spent hours upon hours writing my original template and updating every time I like something in another OT's report or when a parent advocate decides to focus in on one specific sentence for some odd reason. With DTD, I have faith the co-founders, Jason and Scott, will keep the template up to date as trends change over the years. They even have a place for users to submit recommendations.

3. The time to write a report... even with a good template.

Even after you've got your template down, you still have to spend time scrolling through and replacing lines with words for each student. DTD makes this simple because you don't have to scroll and search. And you definitely do not have to worry about having the wrong pronoun or, even worse, the wrong student's name in your reports because you are starting each report from a clean slate.

Alright, now that you've heard my 3 reasons why I recommend using, I want to share with you this video that shows exactly how to get started with your free 7-day trial and write your first report.

The video is about 20 minutes long, but I am sure you will feel comfortable using their website after watching it.

On a mobile device? Watch the video on Youtube.

Here's the link to view Ariel's full report written on

Well, that's all I have for you all today. I hope you enjoyed the video and feel comfortable in trying out this new program to help save you time and maybe even from some undue anxiety.

See you next time,



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