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Episode 107: Using PLAY as an Acronym to Support Students

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Welcome to the show notes for Episode 107 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast.

Our guest today proves how it is possible to make the best of a situation when unforeseen circumstances happen. The Covid Pandemic derailed Alvin from starting his private practice. Still, it allowed him to build up his social media and do something he enjoys, video editing. He has created videos to share with others about occupational therapy and his “P.L.A.Y on the Go Approach.” He shares content about treatment approaches, occupational balance, self-care, and even has “Toy Tuesday,” in which he shares different ways to use games that have easy accessibility in therapy rooms or clinics.

Tune in to learn the following objectives:

  • Learners will identify what P.L.A.Y stand for

  • Learners will identify ways to help a child feel successful and confident

  • Learners will identify the difference between adaptions and modifications

  • Learners will identify the importance of incorporating students' interests during therapy sessions

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Guest Bio

Alvin Pineda MS, OTR/L

Alvin Pineda is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist based in the San Fransico Bay Area. He is the owner of Alvin P. Occupational Therapy Services and Outside The Box Treatment Solutions LLC. As a pediatric OT, he has experience in multiple settings from home health, school-based, and currently outpatient private practice. He specializes in child-led therapy in sensory processing, developmental delays, and self-regulation with experiences with a wide range of abilities and age ranges from 3- 21+. Aside from his clinical work, Alvin is the online content creator behind OT.Outside.The.Box on Instagram and Facebook. He has created his platform to inspire other pediatric practitioners to be confident and creative therapists. To facilitate creative clinical reasoning, Alvin created The P.L.A.Y on the Go Approach to guide practitioners to adapt and modify any activity to meet their client’s just right challenge.

Notable Quotes

“We need to think on the go, on learning how to adapt, learning how to modify and meet each child's needs within that just right challenge. So it's really working on facilitating that ability to really kind of look at an activity and look at the task analysis” -Alvin

“I think that's so important to advocate that and really showcase that decreased core can also impact handwriting ability, not many kinds of educators know that, so that's where our OTs lense in development comes into play.” -Alvin

“In all of our evaluations, we have to tie the overarching occupation to those component skills, and vice versa. You’ve got to tie it back and forth” - Jayson

“Sometimes we have to do what we have to do. We have to make sure we're 100% for ourselves because then our sessions and our evaluations, and our reports will be 100 times better.” -Alvin


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