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Get Organized for the Upcoming School Year: Tips for the School-based OT

I must confess first of all that organization and I have a long and sorted history. I am often jealous of coworkers who are meticulously organized (Jayson!) as I have often felt that I am missing that gene. My disorganization has been an ongoing struggle starting in grade school with my desk and backpack. I was the student with random crumpled papers crammed into the back and objects falling out onto the floor. As a result organization is one of those areas I have researched and tried to improve as it is necessary to working in a school district. Here are the 10 tools and tricks I use to keep my hot mess somewhat together.

1. Create the simplest system that you will maintain regularly in order to form a new habit.

As OTs we often look at student's habits and routines. I decided to use