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OTS 019: Exploring The Idea Of a School-Based OT Credential Feat. Jaime Spencer

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Welcome to the show notes for Episode 19 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast.

In episode 19 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast, we are excited to host Jaime Spencer, OTR/L, of to talk about how we can advocate for ourselves as OTs at every level from the school site to nationally.

Jaime Spencer, like Jayson and Abby, is a proud school-based occupational therapist. BUT, she happens to live on the other side of the country from us, in New York City. Through her website, Jaime shares many tips and tricks for all pediatric OTs with an emphasis on helping school-based OTs, teachers, and parents.

Lately, she has taken on the calling (and the challenge) to advocate for higher pay wages for OTs in New York as well as fair working conditions, caseloads, and status.

If you think School-based OTs have a thing or two to advocate for, you have found the right episode to listen to!

"I support School-Based OTs looking for change! ...Do you?"

-Jaime Spencer, OTR/L

Check out the episode below by pressing play on the web player (not available on phones) or using the links to listen on your phone!

Links to Show References:

At the core of her website (, Jaime provides free resources for school-based OTs, parents, and teachers alike. In fact, her tagline as noted in the podcast is: "Helping you to help the children in your life!" Be sure to subscribe to one of her many email courses or her "Motor Monday" email list for a weekly email that you will be excited to receive!

Advocacy for School-Based OT!

Jaime is the right person to have on your side. She has already developed so many tools for us OTs to use in our advocacy efforts. Use the links below to learn more and join the Facebook Groups to "hook up" with other like-minded SBOTs in your state!

Facebook Groups (Click the link)

Does your state not have a page? Want to start one?

Join Your State & National Associations!

Join AOTA and your State's OT Association. Those funds help toward the advocacy efforts of like-minded OTs! Changes to state education codes occur at the state level! That's why it is also important to support your local association

See the letter AOTA sent to the Superintendent of each state on behalf of us in 2017!

Be sure to subscribe to the OT Schoolhouse email list & get access to our free downloads of Gray-Space paper and the Occupational Profile for school-based OTs.

Have any questions or comments about the podcast? Email Jayson at


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