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OTS 07: Mental Health & Mindfulness in the Classroom: An Interview with Dr. Rachelle Murphy

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Welcome to the show notes for Episode 7 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast.

In this episode, Jayson interviews occupational therapist and Doctor of Health Sciences, Dr. Rachelle Murphy. Dr. Murphy is currently an instructor at the American Career College in Anaheim, California and she is currently in the process of researching the effects of using a mindfulness program in small charter school.

During this episode, Dr. Murphy reviews recent research related to the mental health status of school-aged children and shares how she is using mindfulness and meditation to help both students and their teachers.

Have a listen if you would like to have these three questions answered:

1. Listeners will demonstrate knowledge of mental health among school-aged children and teens.

2. Listeners will understand a brief history of mindfulness and meditation

3. Listeners will demonstrate knowledge of various mindfulness practices that can be used in a classroom.

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Dr. Murphy provided us with so many mindfulness articles that I decided it would be better just to provide you with a pdf download rather than list them all here. Just click here to start your download!

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