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OTS 136: Why the IEP is Not Your Treatment Plan

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Welcome to the show notes for Episode 136 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast.

Do you ever walk away from IEP meetings with a plan in mind, only to forget it later?

In this episode, Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L, discusses why the IEP is not your treatment plan and the crucial differences between the two.

With actionable tips and insights from the OTPF-4, Jayson explains why creating a treatment plan is essential and how it provides support, protection, and clear direction for OTPs.

Tune in now to learn more!

Listen now to learn the following objectives:

  • Learners will identify how the treatment plan is different than the IEP document

  • Learners will understand what specific information is on a treatment plan

  • Learners will identify ways to protect themselves legally


“What the IEP doesn't include is that 'how' component, how we are actually going to help the student meet those goals.”

— Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L

“The IEP is the who, what, when, where and why, then the treatment plan is the detailed how, to getting that student from where they are now to the goal that we want them to achieve a year from now”.

— Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L

“Plans to discharge or graduate a student from occupational therapy services needs to start from day one from that very first evaluation or the very first time that you are having discussions with the IEP team about a student”.

— Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L

“A treatment plan can be a form of protection for both you and your counterpart to ensure that there is communication between the both of you”. — Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L


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