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OTS 140: OT Solutions for ADHD Challenges

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Welcome to the show notes for Episode 140 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast.

In this episode, Lori Flynn is delving into multiple different aspects of understanding ADHD, creating personalized teaching plans, developing visual schedules, and fostering a supportive environment for every child.

She also discusses the challenges and the practical strategies that can assist. You'll be equipped with some tools to create a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Join us as we explore these valuable insights and work towards making a real difference in the lives of these students!

Listen now to learn the following objectives:

  • Learners will understand the environmental Impact on ADHD Symptoms

  • Learners will identify the pivotal role of individualized interventions in addressing the unique needs of students with ADHD.

  • Learners will identify the overlap between sensory processing difficulties and ADHD, and distinguish between sensory interventions and breaks for children with ADHD.

  • Learners will identify the need for collaborative support and individualized teaching plans for children with ADHD, and understand the importance of integrating visual aids, recognizing strengths, and providing clear accommodations for optimal support.

Guest Bio

Lori Flynn is a practicing school-based occupational therapist, certified ADHD practitioner, and parent coach.

She is the founder of, a website dedicated to providing school-based professionals with effective, evidenced-based strategies that facilitate improved classroom participation and performance for children with ADHD.

Her knowledge and passion surrounding ADHD is shaped by extensive ongoing continuing education and lived experience.


“Teachers do well when they can.”

-Lori Flynn, OTR/L

“The children who do not have the hyperactivity piece… they're not being identified.”

-Lori Flynn, OTR/L

“I am not focusing on automating writing when they're older, because the speed in which the class is moving is so much faster than any type of game that I can ever build for that child.”

-Lori Flynn, OTR/L

“No, he doesn't need to try harder. He needs to try differently, because that's not going to work for him.”

-Lori Flynn, OTR/L

“For any accommodation that I am going to put on to that page, I'm going to make sure that there's a plan to actually incorporate that accommodation.”

-Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L


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