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OTS 30: Balancing Technology in Developing Adolescents

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Welcome to the show notes for Episode 30 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast.

In this episode, Jayson interviews Dr. Stephanie Foster, PhD, OTR/L, and her daughter, Nicole Foster on the effects of technology use and the promotion of healthy balance. Dr. Foster is a veteran pediatric occupational therapist with specialized training in Sensory Integration and the Therapeutic Listening Program among other programs. She also runs her own pediatric clinic right out of her garage. This created a unique experience for her daughter Nicole, who basically grew up in a sensory clinic with a parent who understood the need for a balanced life.

Dr. Stephanie Foster, PhD, OTR/L, and her daughter, Nicole Foster embrace in a loving hug. Notice the lack of technology in the picture as they share a fun and memorable moment together!

Listen in, and earn professional development for doing so, as Jayson Interviews Dr. Stephanie Foster, OTR/L, and her OT-bound daughter, Nicole Foster, on the current state and future trends related to technology use among teens.

Objectives for this Professional Development Podcast

Listeners will:

1. Learn current trends related to technology use among teenagers and why this may be problematic.

2. Become familiar with some of the current research related to development in a world with technology.

3. Understand how the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change can be used to assist those who may be addicted to technology.

Links to Show References:

Have a question for Stephanie & Nicole? Visit Dr. Foster's website at

The title of this book really says it all. And as Dr. Foster said, "There is no going back." Social Media is here to stay and all we can do is learn to adapt.

Stanford Marshmallow Test:

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