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OTS 94: 10 Ways to Celebrate OT Month as a School-Based OTP [Free Handout]

OT School House Podcast Episode 72 journal club how much of school is fine motor anyways?

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Welcome to the show notes for Episode 94 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast.

In today's episode of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast, we are talking about OT Month coming up in April. Why are we doing this in March, you ask? Because OT Month is worth planning for, of course!

In this Episode, I am going to share with you 10 ways you can celebrate and promote our fantastic occupation in a serving manner (because that is what we do here at the OT Schoolhouse. We serve first. 🤝)

Here is a list of those 10 things, but listen in for more details on how you can implement each action.

  1. Get the occupational therapy crew together.

  2. Introduce yourself to the school teachers and support staff.

  3. Put together grade level kits.

  4. Leave resources and snacks in the teachers lounge. (See handout below)

  5. Create and conduct and inservice.

  6. Inform others of OT Month and why OTs are awesome!

  7. Create an opportunity to meet the parents.

  8. Answer questions on Q&A sites.

  9. Share OT related content on social media platforms.

  10. Share your A-Z list of school-based OT terms on social media platforms or wherever you have an audience. Use hashtags: #ABCsofOT and #ABCsofSBOT

Get the OT Month Handouts

With everything you've got going on, trying to promote OT Month can be tough. So, we are making it easy for you. Submit the form below to get your OT Month Tips Handouts that you can share with your school colleagues as a way to share how amazing you are and how you can directly support them and the students. Subscribe below to get your handouts!

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