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Responsible Social Media Use

This time last year, the OT School House did not exist. It was still an idea brewing within conversations between Abby and I. We knew that we wanted to start a blog and we had an idea to start a podcast, but other than that, we had no idea how to get started.

We began to meet at Starbucks every Tuesday night and research how to build a website and what the cost would be as we knew we would not be making money off the blog anytime soon. We also looked into creating social media accounts which included taking pictures and videos we could share for the world to see. After all, what OT doesn't love to follow other OTs on Instagram and Facebook to see what free and inexpensive ideas they can use.

But before we started posting pictures onto social media, we knew we had to be careful about what we posted. Not only pictures but also the content we shared, whether it be our own, or another's popular post. The thing about having a website and media accounts that people follow closely is that you put yourself out on the line.

Just like almost every other OT out there, Abby and I are both nationally certified via NBCOT and licensed in the state of California. And as I am sure you are aware of, your state's practice act not only governs the skilled treatment you provide but also how you conduct yourself.

So naturally, as much as we wanted to build the OT School House, we also wanted to make sure that we were not putting our credentials at risk. So we made sure to look at the California practice act along with NBCOT, HIPAA, and FERPA regulations since we work in public schools.