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Writing S.M.A.R.T. IEP Goals

My first months working in school based therapy as a new OT left me feeling ill equipped and insecure in my skills as a therapist. Nothing humbles you quite like being a new graduate working in the schools does (any of your currently going through this stick with it. IT WILL GET BETTER I PROMISE!).

Back when I was a new graduate and had just taken a contract position in Hawaii, I remember feeling WAY in over my head. I was to have a mentor help me become better acquainted with the ins and outs of providing occupational therapy in the school setting.

However, due to heavy caseloads and distance between schools, I rarely got to meet her in person or talk to her on the phone. I was left to figure it out for myself. One of the many challenges I faced was collaborating to write, or working to write, GOOD IEP goals.