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OTS 09: Diving Into RTI With a School-Based OT Consultant: An Interview With Leah Hiller, OTR/L

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Welcome to the show notes for Episode 9 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast.

In this episode, guest Leah Hiller, OTR/L, and Jayson dive into Response to Intervention (RTI) a bit and discuss several ways OTs can have an impact on students without ever completing an evaluation. RTI is a growing model in schools and as OTs, it opens the door for us to help more students in less time. It also provides opportunities for OTs to provide in-services for teachers and recommend curriculums that will benefit the social and motor aspects of student roles.

Have a listen if you would like to hear how Leah and Jayson are providing RTI in schools.

Links to Show References:

Contact Leah Hiller, OTR/L at

Formally known as Handwriting Without Tears, LWT is a leader in developing handwriting and keyboarding curriculums. Want to hear from them on the podcast? Shoot them an email and let them know about us.

This program uses music and plays to teach early learners how to manage everyday social situations.

Use this Amazon affiliate link to check out the book used by Leah to help her young students understand personal space in the school.

Use this link to view AOTA's description and understanding of what RTI is and how OT/COTA can use RTI in schools.

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