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Despite what the title might depict, the OT School House is for more than just OTs. The School House is a place for all educators and parents looking to have a meaningful impact on their students' general and special education outcomes. 


This "Start Here" page serves as a launching pad to help you quickly find the most popular content on this site. That way, you can find what you need and get back to helping your students as quickly as possible. We know they miss you.

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Gray-Space Paper

To start off with, we want to introduce you to our most popular blog post and free download of our Gray-Space Paper. Click the picture to learn more and get your free copy! Your students will love how easy it is to size and space their letters and words using this paper

Gray-space paper

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The OT School House Podcast

Listen in as Jayson and Abby discuss all things School-based OT from assessments to treatments. They also host guest OTs and other special education stakeholders.


You can start listening on the podcast page or by subscribing to the show on your favorite podcast streaming app.


You can now earn Professional Development by listening as well! Click here for more info!

Here are some of the podcast episodes you can now earn professional development for by tuning in. Just click on the episode you want to learn more about. 

Continuing Education

Not sure if learning via The OTSH Podcast is your style? Don't worry, we've got your back with a discount for Medbridge. The best part about Medbridge is that you can watch the first segment of any course for free! That way, you can decide if it's worth it before paying for the course. Click here or use promo code OTSchoolHouse to get started at a discounted rate of $200 versus the regular price of $375.

Unsure of what course to take? Jayson recommends the "Dysgraphia: Helping Children Overcome Handwriting Difficulties" course by Jenny L. Clark. Remember to use Promo Code OTSchoolHouse for your discount!


Also, by using our link or promo code you are also supporting the OT School House at no additional cost to you! So, Thank you! We really appreciate your helping us out. 

Practice Guidelines Interactive Map

Primarily for those of you who are OTs, I put together a map to help you find the school-based practice guidelines for your state. Not all states have them. I recommend checking out California's and New York's guidelines if your state does not have their own. 

Click here or on the picture to check it out now!

Recent Posts

Looking for more information about how to better serve your students with special needs. These are some of our more popular posts on The OT School House. We are sure you will get the most bang for your buck by checking out these posts first!

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