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The self-paced course for school-based OT practitioners covering everything from RTI and evaluations to student graduation

"Every aspect was fantastic. Every OT working in the schools should take this course. Thank you, Jayson for all you hard work."

Tara Larson M.S. OTR/L

A-Z School-Based OT Course Participant 


The A-Z School-Based OT Course will be reopening March 19th! 

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Hi, I'm Jayson &

I am a School-Based OT 


You and I, we can both be great

school-based practitioners!  

My name is Jayson Davies, and over the past decade I have worked closely with all kinds of professionals in the educational realm to better understand occupational therapy in the educational world.  

I even started the OT School House Podcast in 2017 so I could converse with more school-based OTs and help OTs around the world better understand SBOT. All of these experiences has led me to helping more therapists through the creation of this very course!

As an OT practitioner looking to improve yourself as a therapist, you may be hoping to become a more thorough evaluator. Or perhaps you are curious about learning how to incorporate a Response to Intervention (RTI) program as a way to slow down your growing evaluation list & caseload.

You may want to learn how to move from your evaluation, through the IEP process, and into the fun part where you get to work with the kids! 

If that is the case, the A-Z School-based OT course is right for you! We are going to walk through the process of being a therapist in an educational world. We will start with creating an RTI program and only continue form there into referrals, evaluations, PLOPs & goal planning, and then on to services.


From there, we will look at effecting planing to help manage the ever growing OT caseload and the ethical graduation of students with OT.

Unfortunately, OT programs do not yet put enough focus on school-based OT despite estimates that 20-25% of OTs and OTAs work in the educational realm. 

Likewise, continuing education courses tend to focus on individual treatment models as opposed to the systems and educational aspects of school-based OT.

The A-Z School-Based OT course is designed to teach you how to support students through effective RTI strategies, thorough and efficient evaluations, efficient SMART-E goals, treatment planning for success, and providing services in the least restrictive environment.

I hope you will join me today and start down the path to fully understanding school-based OT and how we can efficiently and effectively help more students! I also look forward to meeting you soon in our A-Z School-Based OT Office hours! (More on that in just a second!)

-Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L

A-Z School-Based OT Course Curriculum

8 strategically organized modules walking you through the process as a School-Based OT step by step

Module 1

The scope of OT in schools

(50 minutes)

Module 2

OT in general education and RTI

(67 minutes)


Module 3

The referral and evaluation process

(83 minutes)


Module 4

Preparing for the IEP

PLOPs goals, & accommodations

(61 minutes)


Module 5

Preparing for the IEP

OT services in schools

(68 minutes)


Module 6

Presenting at the IEP team meeting

(53 minutes)

Module 7

After the IEP

(86 minutes)

Module 8

Graduating student from

occupational therapy services

(86 minutes)


Bonus Module

Getting organized

(35 minutes)

What's Included?
The recorded modules are just the beginning!

What's a course without all the supplemental materials?

Well, here is what you will receive when you sign up for A-Z School-Based OT.

  • Access to all 8 training modules broken up into 20-60 minute easily digestible videos and totaling 9.5 hours of material.

  • Access to the Private Student Center that will allow you to seek advice from Jayson and your peers in the A-Z School-Based OT Course

  • Access to monthly LIVE Q&A sessions (Office hours) with Jayson via private Zoom sessions!

  • Access to digital PDF reference handouts that will make your job easier and keep you organized.

  • Access to customizable word and digital templates including Jayson's evaluation template and annual report template

  • A certificate of completion for 9.5 contact hours good for your certification and licensure renewal where applicable (Pease refer to your state guidelines to determine if your state accepts live and/or recorded online course for renewal)

  • BONUS ORGANIZATIONAL VIDEO for those of you who are just transitioning into the school-based setting or who are starting at a new school site. This video will help teach you how to get organized at your new site and provide tips for your first few weeks on campus.


Get instant access to the course & Extras!

More than just a course!

Continue learning with bonus materials & virtual interactions



In addition to the course video and slides, You will also receive valuable handouts and templates that will guide you through the RTI, referral, evaluation, goals and services recommendations, intervention, and documentation processes. Many of these templates are editable and customizable to your need!

Live Office Hours With Jayson

Even with 8 hours of video content, I know you are going to have questions. So, I have set time aside every month to answer your questions live in a private Zoom session. During the office hours I will be available to answer your questions directly, along with others who have taken the same course and have similar questions.

Private A-Z SBOT

Student Center

Upon purchase, not only will you have full access to the content of the course, but you will also be welcomed into the Private A-Z SBOT Facebook Student Center where Jayson and other likeminded professionals are available to answer case specific questions. Ask for help and help other school-based OT practitioners!

Course Objectives

Yeah, We are going to cover a lot in this course. But dont worry!

By breaking it down into modules, we'll get though it in a logical way that all comes together.

Participants will:

  • Identify the role of school based OTs as outlined by governing bodies and laws

  • Recognize the key factors within the  Educational Framework for Child Success

  • Select an appropriate screening process under the Response To Intervention model

  • Differentiate between the uses and procedures of a screening and an evaluation

  • Identify the steps of moving through an IEP from present levels to recommending services

  • Identify appropriate language and content to include in an IEP

  • Identify how the frequency and type of service can impact a student engaging in the least restrictive environment.

  • Recognize and acknowledge that participants of the IEP team have different views and perceptions of the IEP process

  • Identify strategies to streamline the process of getting organized as a therapist

  • Recognize ethical and logical methods to graduate a student from OT services when the time is right.


Broken Down Module Objectives

Scope of OT in Schools

  • Identify the focus of occupational therapy in the schools 

  • identify the difference between 504 programs, Student Support Programs, and IEPs

  • Recognize the history of occupational therapy in schools

  • Identify national laws and state entities that govern the practices of therapist in schools


OT in General Education

  • Identify the importance of a pre-referral and referral process 

  • Identify the 3 tiers of RTI and how occupational therapy can support children and staff in all 3 tiers

  • Identify the difference between a screening and an evaluations

  • List the steps to complete a occupational therapy screening


The Referral Process

  • Identify the importance of a strong referral process

  • Select the steps to a referral process

  • Develop a referral form for your OT practice


The Evaluation Process

  • Identify the laws and timelines in completing an evaluation process

  • identify the steps to completing a school-based occupational therapy evaluation

  • Identify common tools used for OT evaluations in the schools

  • Identify the components to evaluation report

  • Identify how frequently to assess a student


Present Levels, Goals, and Accommodations

  • Recall what information to write in the present levels of an IEP

  • Explain the process of moving from present levels to goals and services

  • Describe the process of moving from present levels to services

  • Demonstrate the ability to write SMART-E IEP goals


Module Objectives Continued: OT Services

  • List 5 common accommodations used in education

  • Identify 4 types of services provided by OTs in schools

  • Identify  the difference between the 4 types of services

  • Define the term LRE

  • Use resources to identify the least restrictive service for a student 


Presenting at the IEP meeting

  • List the steps to preparing for an IEP.

  • Identify social communication skills to use in an IEP

  • Identify the roles of each participant in an IEP

  • List the pieces of information an IEP will need to report on in an IEP


Intervention plan and documentation

  • Recognize the difference between an intervention plan, an IEP, and a treatment plan

  • Recognize the importance for using an intervention plan

  • Identify how to save time by using digital documentation

  • Identify how to document a daily treatment note


Graduating students

  • Identify how to start an evaluation to make increase the likelihood of ethically exiting a student for services

  • Recognize the variable to consider when looking into exiting a student

  • Identify the common procedures for graduating a student from OT services

I promise, I have structured this course to make learning all this, super easy! Don't believe me? check out these reviews!

"I highly recommend this course!"

"Jayson does a great job of organizing all parts of a school therapist's job and making it seem not as overwhelming. The resources he provided were great! Also, for new therapists this is a great course to take to feel more confident in what your role is as a school-based OT. II highly recommend this course!"


Rebecca Olsen

First Year School-Based OT

Distance Learning
Copy of A-Z Course AOTA Approval Badge.p

One Time Cost

A Lifetime of Knowledge


It has taken me nearly 10 years to compile all of this knowledge and to create all of these resources. Now I want you to have them so you don't have to reinvent the wheel!

Two easy ways to register now!

A 1-time payment of $299


Two payments of $150

Both options get you full access to the course and resources today!

Plus, you will have access to the next office hours session!


Group & Employee Enrollment

Have your employer or district help you pay using the registration form!

Enroll as a group!

Get a discount!

Have a group of 3 or more OT practitioners that want to take the course?

Use the registration form to get a 10% discount for each attendee!​

About your Instructor


Jayson has been a School-Based Occupational therapist for over 8 years in Southern California. In addition to his "day job" as a school-based OT,  he created the OT School House Website and Podcast to support other occupational therapists transitioning to, or currently working in, the school system. In addition to working as a full time therapist and providing support to other therapists, Jayson also advises occupational therapy students at the university level and volunteer on committees for the Occupational Therapy Association of California. Jayson is the owner of Schoolhouse Education, LLC and

Great Value!

I know, $299 seems a bit expensive, but when you consider the amount of time you will save with the knowledge and resources provided in this course, it will easily pay for itself! You will get access to time saving interactive documents like my evaluation template, Google Forms to make getting info from parents and teachers in minutes instead of days, and my flowchart that guides you in selecting the least restrictive service for a students based on the goals you have developed. Plus, you get lifetime access to this course and live office hours, meaning when I update the course and create new documents, you get them at no extra charge!

How does that sound?

Pretty good, I hope!


Still have questions?

Let's see if I cover them here

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Flexible Payment Plan

We understand that times are tough right now. While some OTs are secure in their in their positions, we realize this is not the case for everyone. For this reason, we are offering a 2-month payment planfor the course. The payment plan consists of two monthly $150 payments. Whether you have student loans to pay, a car to save up for, or a family to feed, we want you to be able to access this knowledge while being fiscally responsible. 

You can register for the course now with the 2-month payment plan using the button below. 

Disclosures, Terms & Conditions, Wavier of Liability & Participation Information


  • Presenter Disclosure: The speaker, Jayson Davies is the owner of Schoolhouse Education, LLC

  • Sponsor Disclosure: This Course is presented by Schoolhouse Education, LLC

  • Content Disclosure: This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or services.


Course Completion Requirements

  • Date and Times or each completed lesson will be recorded and documented.

  • Passing an online exam and completing a course evaluation will be required to earn continuing education credit.

  • To participate in the course, complete the exam and course evaluation, and earn continuing education credit, you must be the original purchaser of the course. Participants must complete the entire course; partial credit is not allowed.

  • Schoolhouse Education, LLC is committed to ensuring accessibility to the widest possible audience. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone. If you have questions, requests, or would like to report an accessibility-related issue, please email We will review your request and respond in a timely manner.


Terms and Conditions

Schoolhouse Education, LLC will keep a record of your CE courses. This includes all complete, incomplete and pending coursework. When applicable, transcript services may include reporting to professional associations and/or state licensure boards. While the Schoolhouse Education, LLC will make all reasonable efforts to offer CE credit for its courses, it is not responsible for state or national or regulatory current policies or changes in CE requirements that may make courses ineligible for CE credits.

Participant Agreement

By registering for, or attending any event or activity associated with the A-Z School-Based OT Course, I agree to the following:

Professional Development/Information Disclaimer

The A-Z School-Based OT Course is a virtual event for professional development, networking, and OT School house business purposes. The material presented is not intended to represent the only or the best methods appropriate for the occupational therapy and/or medical condition or professional development issues being discussed, but rather is intended to present the opinions of the presenters, which may be helpful to other health care professionals at arriving at their own conclusions and consequent application. Attendees participating in this professional development education program do so with full knowledge that they waive any claim they may have against the A-Z School-Based OT Course, Schoolhouse Education, LLC, and OT School House and its staff or representatives for reliance on any information presented during these educational activities.

Waiver of Liability Agreement

I release the A-Z School-Based OT Course, Schoolhouse Education, LLC, OT School House, and its staff, presenters, and any other individuals or entities associated with 2021 Back To School Conference from any and all liability connected with my participation, as well as from any liability related to changes to the schedule, events or activities. I acknowledge and agree that I am participating on my own choice and assume all risk in connection thereof, and that in the event that a need for emergency medical service arises, I authorize and consent to such services being provided at my own expense.

Cancelation Policy
In the event that Schoolhouse Education, LLC cancels the event for any reason, participants will be offered the choice of a full refund or, when applicable, a credit toward the rescheduled event. 

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