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OTS 96-99: OT Month Special: ABCs of School-Based OT

OT School House Podcast Episode 72 journal club how much of school is fine motor anyways?

Welcome to the show notes for Episodes 96-99 of the OT Schoolhouse Podcast.

Happy OT Month!

To celebrate, the #ABCsofOT are taking over the OT Schoolhouse Podcast for the month of April. More specifically, we are taking on the ABCs of School-Based OT

In this first episode of a four-part series, we will be expanding on the letters A-F and how they relate to school-based OT. Over the next four weeks, we will cover the entire alphabet and share some terms, concepts, and ideas related to school-based Occupational Therapy.

Episode 96: A-F

Episode 97: G - M

Episode 98: N - T

Episode 99: U-Z

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